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Universal Wireless Charger with Car Mount

$34.95 $26.95

This 10W Mobile Phone wireless charger is easy to use,. Simply put down your phone, it will charge automatically. Built in-car mount holder allows you to position your phone as a GPS while charging it.

Built-in overcharge and short-circuit protection.
Holds the phone securely in place and prevents damage from falls.
Built-in intelligent identification chip, responsive.
Identify the device supporting fast charging without setting, and automatically enter wireless fast charging mode.

No need to connect the mobile phone, easy to use, just put and charge.
Support android mobile phone 10W continuous quick charge.
9V intelligent wireless fast charging, faster and safer.
Widely used in 4-6.5-inch mobile phones, can also be used with a phone case.
10W fast charge, compatible with 5W and 7.5W.

  • Wireless charger with a car holder
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled phones ( iPhone, Samsung, etc)
  • Package includes charger, USB cable, mount clip, and sticky pad

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